Our Process and About Us

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Our Process and About Us

Establised in 2005, we have professional training and are proud to display some of the best and most powerful hardware in the business. We cover everywhere in the North Coast area from Ballycastle to L'Derry and as far south as the Magherafelt and the Ballymena areas. You are assured of reliability, service and value for money. When we say we will be there to do the job, we will be there.

We passionately support IICRC professional training for persons in this business. When you choose us you are assured of a service that has been tried, tested and is trusted.

What We Do

Our carpet and upholstery cleaning method does not use soap or shampoo, which means a deeper and much, much longer lasting clean compared to hire machines or cheaper methods.

Leather suite cleaning can also be professionally undertaken. Depending on the age and condition of the suite, these can normally be restored to showroom condition. All leathers are unique and as such please call on 07921 528 945 to arrange an assessment or quotation.

Oriental rugs, household rugs and mats are a speciality. Proper identification of oriental rugs is essential whether they are of Afghan, Persian, Indian, Chinese or even sub-Saharan in origin. These items require to be cleaned professionally and with sympathy as they are often hand made by traditional means. We know what we are talking about when it comes to delicate fabrics and vegetable-based colourings, so by all means get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Quality solvent protection (usually known as 'ScotchGuard') is also available for carpets and upholstery as an option and can be professionally applied. Fabric and pile types determine the cost of this so please call for guidance and approximate costings.

OFTEC standard Oil Boiler Servicing and Breakdown Repair can be carried out. Prices for servicing start at only £40 (not including replacement parts if required). This price also includes digital, calibrated flue analysis in order to ensure the safety of your appliance and to monitor Carbon Monoxide output levels. We will never hit you with a price for work you are not expecting. You will always be consulted as to the costs before work is carried out. 

80% of our customers either come back to us, or refer us on to their friends and families. Additionally several prominent golf clubs, rental agencies and other businesses use our services regularly. We have been tried, tested and are trusted to do the work properly. And with good reason.

Contact Gregory anytime on 07921 528 945 for helpful, non-committal advice or a quotation. We will be happy to hear from you, and to help.