Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Coleraine

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Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Coleraine

At Causeway Premier we use modern, powerful extraction equipment and the best chemicals available to effect a really deep, long-lasting and safe clean for your carpets and upholstery.

Our hot extraction method effectively breaks down ingrained, embedded dirt before totally extracting it from the home or workplace. No soap or shampoo is ever used, meaning that no sticky residue is left behind to attract further re-soiling. This means that you are left with simply fresh, clean, sanitised carpets, and as such you will find this method much more cost-effective than other methods because it lasts for so much longer. 

Safety and Drying Guide

All products used are 100% safe for the elderly, children and pets. There is no risk of damage to expensive wool carpets when they are cleaned by experienced and qualified persons. Safety data sheets relating to the chemicals used are available for inspection if so required.  

Drying time depends on the type of the carpet or fabric being cleaned, ambient conditions (i.e. heating and ventilation), and the depth of pre-existent soiling. As a general guide, allow 6-10 hours. There is no need to stay off carpets until they are dry*.

Quality solvent protectors are available for application as an option. These are quick and easy to apply, are safe, and offer superb resilience against accidents or re-soiling. Costs do vary for this so please call on 07921 528 945 for advice.

Carpet 'Unsaveable....?' 

Unless the carpet is heavily worn or catastrophically and permanently stained, we can normally save it. No matter how bad you think it is, or what has been spilled on it, give us a ring. You will probably be pleasantly surprised when you see what is achievable, and at roughly a tenth of the price of replacement, why wouldn't you?