Leather Suite Cleaning

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Leather Suite Cleaning

Using special oils, not available to the general public, leather suites can generally be restored to a near showroom-like appearance.

How well your suite will recover depends on several variables, such as age, previous care, damage, type of pelt and cracking extent. We will always tell you what is reasonable to expect from the cleaning of your suite as they are all unique.

Leather suites always benefit from application of a qulity conditioner after cleaning. This is only an option and is a specialist trade product. Please ask for more details.

In general it is our experience that generic off-the-shelf products should be avoided. As no two pelts are the same, nor is there a universal solution for cleaning.

Suites cleaned once a year always look great and rarely betray their age. Regular treatment reduces the cost of cleaning and we are happy to advise on this. Call Gregory on 07921 528 945 for answers to any queries you may have.